• Why Buy A Stainless Steel Bird Feeder?

A stainless steel bird feeder is one of the longest lasting feeders on the market.  This longevity is due to the stainless steel.  Stainless steel is a highly corrosion resistant metal that requires no coatings, or paint to resist rust.  Most metal bird feeders are only designed to last for a few years, because their paint or powder coating will wear away, or develop damage from the sun, in a short period of time.  After the protective coating wears away, or cracks develop in the coating, corrosion will begin to appear.  Stainless steel feeders, on the other hand, have no coating to wear or crack, the finish that you see is the actual metal surface.  A stainless steel feeder will look as good as new for many years to come, long after other metal bird feeders have rusted away.    


  • What Kind Of Bird Seed Do You Recommend For Your Feeders?

There is a dizzying array of bird seed available at your average retailer.  Mixed bird feed is often the food of choice for many people.  This is a good universal food that will attract various varieties of wild birds to your feeder.  Black sunflower seeds are another popular choice and do not have the fillers added that some mixed bird feeds contain.  Less fillers equal less waste and happier birds.  However, the type of feed that works best for you will depend on the area in which you live.  Experiment with different types of food until you find one that will attract the types and quantities of birds that you are looking for.


  • What Is The Best Location For My New Bird Feeder?

This is a tough question to answer without seeing your backyard!  The short answer is place your feeder in a location where the birds will have some cover from predators and feel safe.  You will attract many more birds if they are comfortable with the environment that they are dining in.  Here is a link to 6 Steps To Turn Your Yard Into A Sanctuary For Birds from the Wild Bird Feeding Industry with several helpful tips to make your feeding experience an enjoyable one for you and your family.


  • How do I Install My New Bird Feeder

Your bird feeder will include a hanger that is attached to the top of the feeder.  The hanger is designed to keep the bird feeder level, provided that feed is loaded evenly.  You will need to hang your feeder with a string, chain, or by other means.  Our feeders are designed so they can be easily loaded from the top, and will not be need to be taken down in order to add your favorite bird feed.


  • What is the Best Method for Cleaning my New Bird Feeder?

Your new stainless steel bird feeder is one of the most maintenance free feeders available today, however we have to keep in mind that the birds will be eating from this feeder.  It is important to provide them with a sanitary feeding environment.  Never use a harsh chemical that could be dangerous for the birds attracted to your feeder.  A mixture of hot water and dish detergent is one of the best ways to clean your bird feeder.  A small brush can be beneficial for cleaning those small hard to reach areas.  Do not clean your bird feeder with steel wool, wire bristles, or abrasive sponge pads as these materials can damage the finish.  

Bird feeders can also be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack. Never use a cycle that will raise the water temperature above 140 degrees F.  Temperatures above this can damage the polycarbonate windows in your bird feeder.  
It is not recommended that you use bleach to clean your bird feeder, as discoloration of the exterior can occur from bleach contact.


  • What is your return policy

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